Mobile or Web App First?

via Wiselike:

What does it take for your startup to excel in both mobile and web app development?
With the increase in mobile use, should startups concentrate on mobile app development rather than web-based applications?


I just answered something similar here:

Take a look at that.

But, that’s distinctly for indies… but I think the same things can still relatively apply.

A startup to succeed needs to have:

  • Mission-driven founders… better to have more than just one.
  • A good technical founder or lead is vital.
  • As Paul Graham states… they are relentlessly resourceful:

Notice how I spent more time answering the “who” instead of the “what” or “how” – if you’re those three things then you’ll figure out the “what” and the “how” because you’re… gasp … relentlessly resourceful.

But finally, the last point… Yes, mobile is growing like whoa. Insane growth figures. It only makes sense to build for that market in some way if you can.