Take Good Care of Those Money Makers!

... i don't like you...

I was helping my wife pull in few things that she had hung outside to dry after our second daughter decided to coat them with a nice layer of spit up (there’s something going around, ugh!) and it was one of those hard-to-handle-but-extremely-functional fold-up drying racks from IKEA, pictured at the right.

I love the darn thing but I also hate it at the same time since I can’t seem to ever pull the thing together the way it was intended without hurting myself – either I bang my shin or I catch one of my fingers as it closes – ouch!

Last night it was the latter that was going to happen. I grabbed the still-heavy rugs and proceeded to walk into the house, my wife leading the way with another rack of somewhat dry goods.

I was feeling pretty good as I managed to get through the door with the contraption and suddenly *snap* the thing went the last inch and snapped in place – apparently I hadn’t folded the thing completely and I grunted, wincing in pain as I tried my best to gently put the thing down on the floor as every inch that I lowered it closed the bars together more.

I was about to kick the thing and say something I’d regret when my wife suddenly said with surprising mix of calm and cute:

John, don’t hurt those money makers please.

I smiled. She was right (as usual).

It’s incredible how often I forget how important my hands and fingers are – I know that may sound a bit odd or even silly but when was the last time you thought seriously about the importance of your 10 digits?

Yes, you’re going to need all of them, not just for the context of the web (as a designer, developer, blogger). But how well do you keep┬áthem? Do you think about taking good care of those money makers? I have and although it started as somewhat of a side joke between my wife and I when I took the bold step of becoming a Professional Blogger explicitly it has now become very serious (as “serious” as a joke-turned-serious can be…).

Now, I’m not about to go out and invest in exercise equipment for my fingers (although I’m told it “works”) or anything like that (although I do exercise them occasionally) but I am more conscious about it and even more protective of them than I’ve ever been. Sometimes that’s all it takes to appreciate what you’ve got even more.

Take the time to keep those money makers in good shape – you’ll want them operably for as long as you possibly can.

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