Monsieur Notebooks

There’s no question about it – I love physical products, especially writing notebooks. I’ve tried a ton of different styles and types of creative notebooks over the years and I still feel as if I haven’t really settled on one notebook that really does it for me.

Huh. I’ll have to keep looking and searching… but in the meantime I really do appreciate trying new gear and new notebooks and the guys over at Monsieur Notebooks gave me a shot at trying their new line out with a sample.

Sent all the way over from London I opened the package to encounter a beautiful leather-bound ruled notebook. It was pretty stiff and I was afraid to break the spine but then I read that they actually encourage that:

 If you want your notebook to lie flat, bend the book back on itself. It can take the strain; they’re stronger than you think.

And indeed it was. I pulled it back and it was definitely strong and very well made. I’ve been using it for a few days for my more explicit meetings with people since my other notebook doesn’t have any lines (more for creative drafting, like this) and I’m enjoying the physical footprint that it has as well as the strength of the general product.

Here are some quick snaps:

The “strong” part is kind of what they are all about and I love the stuff they believe in and how they do it:

We believe a good notebook can be a great companion – whether it helps the creative process, or eases the labours of work. We have produced a series of articles to suit your lifestyle. Our covers are made from real leather, and are inherently strong and flexible.

You shouldn’t have to buy a leather cover to protect your notebook. Monsieur Notebooks have a leather cover to protect your words.

I don’t mind if I do.

Thanks guys for letting me sample one and appreciate you giving me another great solution when I finish using this one up!