A Month without Twitter

Just over a month ago I finally, permanently, quit twitter.

And ohhhhh emmmmm ggggggggeeeee… it’s been #!$!#@ fantastic. I share a few more thoughts via my vlog yesterday:

I think the most important thing that I’ve come away with is the powerful reminder that these tools that we use, every single day, come and go and our ability to make clear and coherent decisions around them based on value is easier said than done.

We stick around older networks and use older technologies for a lot of different reasons and we justify our reasons of sticking with them really, really well.

And we often convince ourselves foolishly, falling into the “sunk cost fallacy” telling ourselves that we’ve invested so much time and energy and money and resources that we couldn’t possibly leave them now!

But that’s bogus and childish. It also limits our ability to engage with bigger and more exciting opportunities. I often lose out the most by handicapping myself, intentionally.

So grateful for great folks in my life who challenge me to think so much bigger than a single tool and technology. Even as I say that and write that line I think about how sad it is that I lock myself into such poor limitations.

We are built for more than just tooling. We are more than the apps that we use and certainly more than the 140 characters that we share on the internet.