A Month… or Two.

It’s been over  a month since we released v2.0 into the wild and it’s been very well-received with users updating to the new version and a featured listing that has quadrupled the daily download count.

Does this mean that I can retire early and sit on the beach and do nothing for the rest of my life? Not even close. In fact, I now learned from experience that being featured, although a mega-super-awesome honor, does not necessarily guarantee more money.

It has done what many people have claimed it to do: Increase awareness and thus increase downloads. And, more downloads does not equal more money.

Consequently, it means that I must continue to work through the value propositions, the feature sets, and continue to monitor download rate and customer feedback. It means that I must continue to iterate and make the app and app experience better.

It means that I must continue to work. I won’t lie to you as I had hoped for some crazy grand slam-type of event (doesn’t everyone hope for something like that?!), but it didn’t happen.

It has kept me humble and hungry. My success is less dependent on luck and rather the unsexy nature of working hard. It always seems to boil down to this.