More Complicated

There’s always more to the story; the question is whether you have enough of the real data to make a real judgment call.

More often than not, we have closer to zero useful information because we just don’t have true source material. Britney Spears, and the noise around her, is a good reminder of the challenge of public opinion vs mental health.

Britney Spears may very well have recovered, or not, which of course none of us could possibly know. That having been said, my sense is this is all a little more complicated than a cartoonishly-evil father enslaving a beloved pop star.

Spears’ family is grappling with the same complicated question we are grappling with across the country, and there are no easy answers. But just because the world’s gone mad doesn’t mean that madness ceased to be a problem.

via Mad World

It’s always a bit more complicated and few of us really know what’s going on. Conservatorship is something that most folks know nothing about — time to get educated (if that’s something you care about).