It’s True. More Pageviews.

I received an email the other day from Justin Camblin who helped fund the Kickstarter project and he shared a neat story that I asked permission to share with you.

It’s simple but powerful and it’s highlights one of the reasons I believe deeply in what we’re doing here together:

Justin Camblin

Justin Camblin


I can’t wait for Pressgram and let me tell you why.

During the Kickstarter campaign, you made a lot of videos talking about owning content and driving traffic to your site with your pictures. I just wanted to tell you that it’s true.

I’m a small time publisher with a niche blog (theology/Christian living). My best day ever was 59 views. Again, small time. But yesterday I got the bright idea to use the WordPress app to publish the pictures I took and edited using VSCOcam. By posting two pictures to my blog instead of Instagram, I got 37 views on my blog when 5 is a normal day and 10-20 on a day I publish a regular post.

So even though these numbers are tiny, I just wanted to write you and say you’re right. Pressgram is going to drive traffic to my blog and I’m pumped!

Keep up the good work.


As an update, yesterday I posted a pic of me and my son in our matching bow ties for Fathers Day and I had the highest traffic to my blog ever (87 visits)!

Thanks Justin for the encouragement – it means the world.

When you think about all those eyeballs and all those pageviews that are ending up on another property, a property that you don’t own or manage, it’s really sad.

Take those back – you’ve earned them. They are yours and you should have more freedom to leverage those pageviews for yourself, your blog, and even your business!