More Wrong About More Things

Hah. I love this so much:

When I was younger I used to try to build everything that came into my head. I’m not sure why this was my default other than I just felt like if it had entered into my brainpan that it was a moral imperative that I honor that (somewhat) decent idea by putting some effort around it.

Now, I no longer do that and I think of my younger behavior as nothing short of immature. I simply do not have the time to build all the things and ideas that pop into my head!

This is obvious but at the time it wasn’t. What this challenges me more than anything is the fact that a once strongly held belief is no longer strongly held; in fact, I’ve done a complete 180.

This is a powerful and important principle because the fact is that we all change, evolve, and gain more experience and knowledge and, as a consequence, hopefully, a little bit of wisdom.

This necessarily means that there are things that I believe, very strongly, that in a few years (or maybe even sooner) I will reverse my course. That’s humbling and it means that I could be more wrong about more things than I can possibly imagine.

It’s okay to change one’s mind, of course, being ruthlessly open-minded to the possibilities that life provides. And whatever we do is going to be relatively temporary anyways – this means that we should maximize the time that we have to do good, to create value, and to help other people be as successful as they possibly can be.

And that’s our responsibility.