The Insanity of More

This is the text of a “personalized” note that a YouTube creator received when they crossed 10,000,000 subscribers:

At a hundred thousand, we thought: Not bad. That’s a healthy new channel.

At one million, we thought: Wow, this creator’s pretty awesome.

But 10 million? At this point we’re actually scratching our heads. How on earth did you do that? 10 million subscribers isn’t just a lot of people, it’s more than the entire population of New York City!

The fact is, you’re no longer just a great channel. You’re a movement. You’ve clearly touched a nerve in the world, and you’ve found a legion of fans who expect — and receive — great things from you.

We hope you’ll accept this Diamond Creator Award as a token of our appreciation, and our respect for what you’ve accomplished.

You amaze us and inspire us every day. Keep it coming!

Encouraging, for sure. Getting a big trophy is cool too. And, as you might imagine, he’s elated by it. His next goal?

more subscribers.


I swear, there is no end to this social media / web 2.0 bullshit sack race. If the goal as an artist is to just increase your follower count then… what in the actual fuck. That was never the goal. But sadly, it became one. And for many it is the only real metric.

Sad. The never-ending arms race towards more subs and more followers is not just toxic; it’s painfully self-fulfilling. At what point do you say “enough is enough” and you focus on what really matters?

The metaverse (and YEN) fixes this.