To All of My Past Motherships…

I’m sorry to say this but most of my previous “motherships” were not kind to me and so I must confess that I do not love nor miss them. Besides, I don’t expect that they’d¬†remember me anyways.

But, I want to say that I appreciated you, you previous motherships, at the time, for who you were when I said “Yes” to the opportunity. Things changed and our relationship status couldn’t weather the inevitable shifts that occurred. It wasn’t anyone’s fault (or at least in a few¬†circumstances…) – it is just what was (and is).

I’d like to think that we’d work together some day but we both know that that will never happen. We’ve moved on and we’re happier now than we used to be.

I’m at a much better place now and if I could go back I’d probably change a few things, do a few things differently, encounter and manage relationships with a bit more poise and effort, and try to perform much more subtle forms of graceful leadership.

But I was young, brash, sometimes straight-up juvenile and ignorant and although I performed well I wasn’t always a team player. I relished the fact that there was no “I” in “team” and I’ve learned better now that it just doesn’t work well for that model to persist long-term.

I’d love to think that I could return and create immense and overwhelming value giving me new set of skills, experiences, and lessons-learned besides the fact that I would instantly be culturally-relevant and contextually-aware.

But, you don’t need me now – you’ve got better and more talented people on-board (as I knew you would). I hope for the very best.