Motivating Your Team Through Visioncasting

As a bootstrapped startup you’re sure to be short of one thing nearly always (at least for a period): Cash.

So how exactly do you motivate people to jump on board with little promise of financial reward? The answer lies in visioncasting.

Some of the best leaders that I know are able to do this like it’s breathing; for me, I have to work at it, meditate over it, and practice. But when I execute it apparently works.

I’m learning more and more about what it takes to be a “good” leader and I think I’ve just scratched the surface as it relates to visioncasting well. Here are a few things that I’ve jotted down in my personal notes:

  • Create something so compelling that it requires action.
  • Craft a picture of the future that’s so amazing that it’s worth fighting for.
  • Cultivate a culture that promotes practical execution toward the vision.

Although my team doesn’t struggle with leadership-dependent thinking, I know enough organizations that are where I’m careful to guard against it; I’m interested in creating champions of our business and vision rather than mindless zealots.