Multiply it by Three

The biggest challenge and most exciting thing when working with other software engineers who also happen to be entrepreneurs is that we’re very good at moving with great speed and, at the exact same time, we also underestimate the time required to put the pieces together fully.

And most software developers aren’t immune to this, by the way… it’s just that entrepreneurial software developers are more prone to being overly-positive about timelines than those engineers who aren’t building businesses.

It always takes longer…

This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing… it’s just a thing, thing. It’s just that after having put together a number of new projects and businesses I just know that it’ll take longer than we originally scope and experience has taught me that.

But it’s anything but pessimism… it’s pure optimism. It means that we believe, fundamentally, that we have something that people want in even the smallest amounts of value. It means that we believe that we can deliver that value quickly and effectively. It means that we’ve identified a legitimate need and that we have the right team, at the right time, to fulfill that need well.

These are exciting and positive things. For all of the more difficult things about building a company, I’m more than willing to suffer through them so that I can do something worth doing, even if it takes 3 times longer than I had originally planned.

Good things take time. We know that. Entrepreneurship is no different, especially in the tech world… ironically.

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