Do You Listen to Music While You Write or Blog?

Do you need music to write well?

Everyone has a writing workflow that works for them which includes tools, spacial environment, the right desk (or standing desk), and even the right time of the day.

I’ve discovered that one of the most important elements in my writing workflow is that from the musical perspective – in fact, it is very difficult to even begin to blog without some sort of music in my ears!


My musical tastes are fairly eclectic – that is, I like and have enjoyed nearly every single type and genre, including Country (which I hated for no good reason for a long time!).

And if I can be so bold and honest, I’m a mainstream pop music junkie. That is, anything that’s playing on repeat on your local music FM station is probably in my play list. “Good” music be darned! I enjoy a catchy and simply melody in my eardrums.

But, I do enjoy these other types as well: Electronica, Vocal Trance, Old School Hip Hop, and Contemporary Classic (if that’s even a thing).

One final note thing of note is that I like the “Repeat 1” setting. In other words, I love to find a “song of the day” and put it on repeat for the entire day. I’ll listen to the same song one, two, and upwards of 300 times in a single day. The image to the right is what a single week looks like in terms of listen count (I clear it every week).

Thank goodness for my favorite headphones or my wife would go insane! She finds my interest in hearing the same song on continuous loop to be pretty ridiculous! Hey, it works for me!

What about you? Do you need music to write well? Where did that habit come from? What types of music do you listen to?

Love to hear your thoughts!

[Image Creative Commons, simon]