MVP: A First-Pass Feature List

Like any great software product you should first put together a list of simple things you want the app to do. You can call this a “feature list” or a number of other things and, of course, you can break them up into groupings as you wish.

One of the nice things about being an indie developer and working on small indie projects like Teeny Tokyo is that you have the total freedom of building it the way that you want to build it.

The ultimate design and development standard is fully within your own control and no one can tell you if you’re doing it “right” or “wrong” – whatever works for you and that gets the job done is the what should be done.

Over the years I’ve discovered that the most simple approach is typically the best and starting with pen and paper is where I’ve always begun. Even though there are great digital tools available to the modern software developer and engineer I simply don’t start there. I get my thoughts down on paper and it’s always served me incredibly well.

So, here was a first-pass feature-list that I put together a few weeks ago:


You can see that I knew, in gist, what the app was going to do:

Image resizing app

And that the MVP (“Minimum Viable Product”) was going to do 3 things really well:

  1. Resize image(s)
  2. Rename image(s)
  3. Export / Save image(s)

That’s it. That’s as simple as it can really get. And so that’s where I’ll start.

A point of education and learning for those following along: If you can’t do a true MVP feature list then you have not quite learned the discipline or skill of building product. Most people start with such a bloated list that it could never pass for a true MVP. You need to go back to square one and rethink your product philosophy and your strategy.

Small Update***

I just realized that I had drafted “image sharing app” in my notes when Iclearly am building an “image resizing app”… … …


Hah! That’s hold-over from my previous apps and I guess that’s what I’m always thinking about… ROFL.