Name Seals and Signatures

This is pretty neat:

So cool.

I see how so much of digital technology (especially the social and gaming industries) that have been inspired by these older practices. It seems that we, as humans, have always wanted to find and create ways to show ownership and authorship.

Name Seals are one way of doing just this and you can have many different kinds of them for many different uses.

The thing that is so amazing is integrated the name seals are into the community and culture, from personal use to serious business contracts. And, the associated ecosystem that surrounds them, like carrying cases and other such things (reminds me of the huge markets around phones and phone cases).

Are emojis in Slack just the next iteration of these types of things? Hmm…:

Hmm. Probably not.

The physical nature name seals is something to really think about. I don’t know if we get the same feeling and sense of importance as we do with them.