Nathan Mainemer of Randstad

Nathan Mainemer might be one of the worst technical recruiters ever.

They all start exactly the same telling me about some cool job or role and asking me if I am “available.” This is what rubs me wrong and what gets on my nerves the most because if Nathan (or any recruiter) took any time at all they would have not wasted their own time nor mine. I am clearly unavailable for full-time work.

Besides the fact that I have never been hired through a recruiter… ever. It’s so completely disrespectful of my time, my current employer’s time, my staff’s time, and even my family’s time and it reflects poorly on Nathan and his employer. You would think that a company like Randstad, one of the largest recruiters in the world, would have, at the bare-minimum, some form of training for people like Nathan Mainemer who clearly do not have it together.

But it gets worse for poor Nate (and Randstad) because that training really could have come in handy…

Why are you wasting my time?

Why are you wasting my time?

You see, I get dozens of these cold-call technical recruitment emails weekly. Many of my friends and colleagues experience the same issues weekly as well. This is an abuse of privilege at the highest level – I don’t know where they get my email but they shouldn’t be using it in this way. Typically I ignore most of these emails but sometimes they catch me on a “bad day” and I tell them to essentially fuck off. In Nathan’s case I told him exactly that.

What did Nate Mainemer decide to do? Threaten me with a “DNC / DNW” (“Do Not Call” / “Do Not Hire”) to “every major corporation in the United States”:

I wonder if Nathan really has the authority to do that…

Nathan Mainemer, without any corporate training apparently (or coaching) via Randstad, told me that he that he wanted to be “internet famous” after I mentioned that what he did was “immature”:

Here you go. You earned it.

Here you go. You earned it.

(Nathan, you were right, I did accidentally duplicate a link twice in my email… so you “got me” there!)



I’m sorry Nate that Randstad didn’t coach you up on how to become a real professional within your space. I’m sorry that, despite your history and experience as a “social media marketing manager” (per your LinkedIn profile), that you didn’t learn some of the “netiquette” required to be a success in your space.

But it’s not without loss because many recruiters will learn from your mistake and be better for it. I hope that they thank you for it (perhaps they will tweet @ you bro) and I’m quite thankful that I can now send this link to the many recruiters that spam my inbox every single day and just tell them:

Watch yo’self… you don’t want to pull a “Nathan”!

Appreciate it kindly. Have a nice day.