Native Social Networking and v2.0


I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and it’s a bit complex to encapsulate in a single blog post, but I’m going to try to get the meat and bones of the idea down here on paper and answer questions that you might have as we move forward.

I’ve shared a few thoughts via the video above and I’m going to try to simplify it here for you for those that may not actually view the video.

Simply put, I’ll be removing the social layer of the Pressgram app in version 2.0 and instead moving towards a more concentrated and powerful publishing system.

In other words, we will no longer have the ability to follow other users inside the app and instead focus on building communities through our own and more importantly your own social network where it already resides.

It was a very tough decision but it simply comes down to these few thoughts:

  1. Another Social Network? I’ve asked myself a ton of times whether or not we really need another social network and the answer is clear – we do not. Every user has a vibrant social community on other sites and most importantly their own blog and that is where we should concentrate our efforts. Personally, I don’t need another one, since my concentrated efforts are around my own blog.
  2. Publishing First. We have stated clearly from the very beginning that we are a publishing application first, a social networking (and all that other stuff) second. This move towards a pure publishing utility will help us focus and iterate on our growing and proven community, and strike at the heart of who we are as digital publishers. We can never push too hard to become our mission and vision.
  3. A Better App. Consequently, my efforts on the technical end will become much better dealing less with the cloud-based challenges of growth and scale, as well as the technical bridges between the app itself and your hosted blogging solution. Issues of privacy, control, ownership, and security will all level-up significantly as well.
  4. Cost Reduced. Building a sustainable model from a business perspective is really tough and the costs month-over-month are growing at a break-neck speed. This will help minimize the organization’s cost so that focus on better features and a richer experience becomes available.

These are just a few of the reasons why we’re moving in this direction. I have a tentative date in March to release, so you can start thinking about the move and prepare. It’s been a privilege and honor to see some of our users use Pressgram as their defacto community and I hope they can move their efforts to their own dedicated system in the coming weeks and months. Naturally, we are here to help (and this tutorial might help as well!).

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll keep this ball rolling. I love what we’ve built and I’m not about to quit – I think we’ve got the genesis of something fantastic and I’ve learned a ton over the last year about what it takes to make something like this really, really work.

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