A Necessary Nuisance

Want to know a good leader when you see one?

A good test of a real, authentic, high-quality leader is when they spend time intentionally investing in and developing new leaders within (and without) their organization.

In other words, leadership, at its best, is when a leader is investing time and energy to coach and empower younger leaders. Great leaders make this a priority, even when they are stretched for time (and it doesn’t have to be all that time consuming either).

Force-multiplication can happen simply through a little investment of time and some good tooling. Unfortunately, you can’t easily teach leaders to care about this type of thing.

It’s one of those things where you know it when you see it. And if it’s not there then the gap is much larger than they (the leader) may even be aware of.

Top-shelf leadership development requires vision and a significant level of intentionality. Without those things it’ll never happen. In other words, leadership development never really happens on accident.

The more busy leader will find that this type of thing can slip to the bottom of the priority list really quickly as more “pressing” pressures prevail. Some will often call this a “necessary nuisance,” unfortunately.

But I argue that there could be very few things more pressing than developing and investing in your current team.

They will, among many, many things, become more endeared to the company which helps with attrition, they will become better at their jobs, and they will extol the true benefits of working for an amazing organization, this recruiting even more high-quality talent.

This virtuous cycle cannot be under-estimated and you want to be that type of leader (or work with and for those types).