Negative Sales


Hah. A few days ago I experienced a “first” where I had “negative sales.” Now, I’m not sure if that’s theĀ technical term, but it’s the phrase that I immediately thought when I saw the number.

Essentially, for that day, there were 2 sales and 2 returns and the net result was that I lost $.16 cents that day.

Humbling, if I can be honest. There are some days that are just better than others and incredibly low sale days keep you honest. And, of course, days when you seem to lose more money than make remind you that the hustle never stops.

Low sales days don’t have to disrupt or discourage – instead, they can simply remind you that building something that you’re passionate about is hard. Every single day doesn’t have to be a killer, it just has to be killed.

Lol. Yes, I just said that and it’s lame, but, I’m not sure that I care.