Never Quite Repaid

My brother and I will be hosting a small livestream Q/A on technology, career, and building cool sh!t in a few weeks. You can learn more here (you have to be a Patreon subscriber to join).

I’ve come to realize that one of the things that keep me going is the opportunity to share and help others succeed. There’s something about it that immediately gives me life and, to be quite frank, it just makes me a happier person.

It’s counter-productive in a lot of ways because it takes time to plan, to prepare, and then to execute these types of things as there are many other things I could be doing with my time but, for whatever reason, I still decide to do them.

Even these larger all-day events still give me a ton of personal satisfaction despite the fact that I leave with very little, at least materially-speaking.

But we all know that life isn’t about just about the surface-level of things… there is something beneath the surface that demands just as much attention (or more so). There’s something within our conscious, our psyche, maybe even our soul even that reminds us that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and contributing to that story is important and necessary.

If we ignore it for too long then we lose out and we become the very thing we don’t want to be: Selfish, self-righteous, and totally consumed with our own (micro) story, which is just not complete without others; it’s joyless.

Giving of oneself is an act of personal sacrifice, one that isn’t often repaid. In many ways, it could never quite be repaid equally anyway. But that’s not why we do it to begin with.

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