New Architecture

A Look at What I'm Building...

A Look at What I’m Building…

One of the big changes coming down the pipe very soon is a revamped server architecture to deliver the content and to reduce even more lag on the user experience.

Again, as I’ve mentioned here already, we’ve seen some amazing growth over the last 3 days (WHAT?! It’s ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS?!?) and it’s been a challenge to keep up with the growing demand. As with anything, scaling is somewhat of a typical startup and technology challenge that no one can completely plan for.

But I found some time to get the new architecture mapped out to create more fluency between the necessary systems (here’s what it generally looks like today). Long-term I need to hire a serious AWS Engineer who really knows their stuff as I am, by no means, an expert in any sense of the word.

In the meantime I’ve transferred the Memcached part on a separate server which has reduced the loading of the main server noticeably – many of you have shared with me publicly that you’ve seen a difference which makes my heart sing!

Again, it would have been amazing to create a flawless experience the first-time through but that really never happens. No excuses though! I’m working on it as best as I can!

The gist is that I’ll be transferring the mySQL DB to a separate server and create some redundancy and optimization. That might be far too technical for most of you, which is fine, but what it means is that I’ll be isolating technical assets so that I can diagnose and fix issues better. All dynamic parts into these separate “buckets” and then create auto-scaling (via AWS) for the API server component.


Here’s to you friends! Good times ahead! Your patience is super-appreciated; I need it!