A New Classic, Just Like Us.

It goes without saying that any throwback or attempt at retro-styling these days is, as far as I can tell, unapologetically unoriginal.

But, that’s kind of the point, right? Any classic that is also simultaneously new is both anachronistic but also contextually-cool (or at least that’s what I think).

It’s a bit like our community: An exciting mix of younger and older folks, of techno-savvy activists getting shit done interwoven with those who like to veer a bit more towards a #YENandChill vibe — it’s never mattered to us and we’re glad that you’ve found a familiar home in our #yeniverse!

Someone on my team created this graphic and I found it randomly. Cool.

And we’re growing up! With the recent launch of Platinum Dolphin and updates to our iterative shipment of fresh baked code we thought it was also high-time to re-imagine our brand!

Consequently, we started a simple process, soliciting feedback from those that know us the best and took that feedback and attempted to codify the very things that we know and love about who we are, not just as a product / company but most importantly as a real community.

Our 2019 Brand Book

So, without further ado, we’d like to share our new 2019 Brand Book with all of you! You can find all that you might need for your own creations, art, and even swag stores (as we know many of you have)!

Give it a go!

We can’t wait to see what you create! Please feel free to tag @yen and also join our Brand Book Community Group in YEN!

Hopefully, it should feel comfortably familiar yet striking and fresh, like any of your favorite retro classics, just like you, me, and our dope community (I think I made that rhyme… yes, yes I did.).