An Overview of the New Landing Page (and What I Learned From the Last One)


If you happen to stop by the homepage of Desk App you’ll encounter a much different landing page experience than the one you encountered at first.

For the record, this is now the fifth marketing page that I’ve created since I came up with the idea of Desk and launched in publicly.

A really good question is why I would go through the trouble of building another product landing page so soon, especially after only 40 days on the public market. The answer is surprisingly-simple as I took what I’ve learned over the past month and some change and responded tactically to a lot of the inquiries and in-bound traffic data that I’ve accumulated.

For starters, the header now focuses directly on the expensive marketing video that I created which has been loaded nearly 200,000 times and played over 15,000. From my analytics, it would appear that conversion is much higher when the video is played than when it is not.

So, highlighting the video prominently at the top instead below the fold for a second-spot visually makes a lot more sense (and emotionally, I’ll admit, I want that financial investment on the video to really pay itself back!).


What you see next is a combination of two things, most importantly the link to Purchase the product which was more than difficult to find on the last marketing page.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I greenlit the launch landing page to go live because some of the very first few questions from people was “Where is the buy button?

That is pretty much the worst question to be asked and I quickly added some text at the top of the screen to help point users in the right direction. I’ve been kicking my own butt since for not having done better thinking around that when I launched the product as I can’t imagine how many sales I have missed because people couldn’t find the right button to click!

Secondly, I’ve created a new Feature Overview video that walks through the product fairly comprehensively. I’ve done this because I’ve been requested, multiple times, a video of the features (or at least a better “look” at what they can expect to purchase).

I had one screenshot, essentially, on the first landing page and I unwisely decided to limit the number of actual screenshots shared on marketing page itself. What I believed would happen is that users would click the “Buy” button (which was impossible to find) and then see more of the screenshots in the actual Mac App Store.

This was really dumb thinking and I fielded tons of emails telling me that, essentially, they weren’t even sure what they were purchasing…

Doh. Total fail. So, I decided to change that right-quick.

new-landing-page-awardsOne of the new sections that I created has centered strongly on the testimonies that I’ve received since launch. I’ve had some amazing and humbling reviews of the version 1.0. So, I wanted to make sure I could highlight some of those awards (like being a “Top App” worldwide!) and also some of the more well-known brand names that potential customers would recognize.

This is actually my favorite section out of all of the marketing page and makes me the most happy when I see it.


Clearly I wanted to list out features of the app and so that is done here. The last version was designed nicely but wasn’t very readable and a number of customers complained about being unable to read what I had written. That, of course, is never a good thing.

So, making the content larger and more easily-read was priority #1 for this section and I think I was able to port over what I needed that helped customers make a key decision. The Overview Video at the top would help give them a visceral take while this list would enumerate the less-obvious elements.

I’ll just have to trust that the combination of those two things will convert.


The last landing page had made use of a personal touch that, essentially, allowed me to “sign my work.” I loved this part of the previous landing page but felt like I had already done it once in the Mac App Store so having it here wasn’t as necessary.

But, I wanted to add something a bit “personal” and give the readers something they could think about. I’ve struggled a lot with how well the version 1.0 has been received and yet, at the exact same time, the frustration I have with having discovered bugs and small issues that have frustrated some users.

Essentially, the tension continues to exist between what is and what what I want it to be and the fact that there is always more work to be done. This is a process, a story of how I’ve brought this app to life. I hope that people will “get” that and join me on my quest to make a really, reallyreallygreat app.

new-landing-page-footerFinally, of course, there’s the Footer section and here I’ve added a little more about the genesis story of the app as well as some relevant links that will help users find the resources they need.

The last version wasn’t clear at all and I felt bad as some people may have interpreted that as “hiding” these links when that wasn’t the intent at all. Now, it’s plain to see for everyone and getting to the new Community Support Site as well as relevant social media links is easily available.

I even have some “share” buttons on the left which may drive some more traffic too – that’s always a good thing!

All-in-all I’ve learned a ton from my users as well as from the traffic patterns and click-throughs that analytics have provided me. I would have made this swap much sooner but I’ve been so busy with most other things that it took me 40 days to finally get around to doing it.

My only regret isn’t that I should have done it sooner – rather, I wish I had done a bit more research on how users would respond to what I had created instead of just hoping that it would “do its job” right the first time through.

Live and learn, right?