New Manager Handbook

This resource and guide is pretty cool. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment:

Leadership training needs to start before the role even begins.

I also like this list that enumerates 10 ways to earn trust and respect of your team:

  1. Be transparent with motives and goals.
  2. Demonstrate your character and intention to do the right thing for your team.
  3. Put the team’s needs before your own.
  4. Help employees grow by letting them test, learn, and fail without fear.
  5. Trust employees off the bat, don’t make them feel they have to earn it.
  6. Let yourself be vulnerable, and admit to mistakes.
  7. Use inclusive words like “we” to show that you’re part of the team, not above it.
  8. Ask for feedback and take action quickly where change is needed.
  9. Be yourself – people respond best to authenticity.
  10. Be open to learning from your team – everyone will have something to teach you!


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