New Office

If you haven’t followed a few of my tweets in the last few days then this might be news – otherwise, continue on your journey internet traveler!

Last week we unveiled the final work of an epic retro gaming mural done by a local hip-hop artist Totem. We also shared images of our entire office as well.

It’s not completely done but it is to the point where we can host large gatherings and even a few parties now and again.

It’s hard to think that we’ve come this far in the past few years as a team and yet how far we still must go to pursue some of our even larger dreams.

I’ve got the right team, amazing products, and the will to make it happen. A nice spot for our pursuit is icing on the cake.

And… if you want to send us something sweet to put in the office, like 37signals did yesterday, that would be amazing.

And… of course, it’s enough room to try crazy things like this.