New Temp Landing Page Strategy

As you may have noticed, I updated the temporary homepage a few days ago to reflect a small change in strategy as I get closer to launch.

The rational is pretty simple: I want to capture as many emails as possible about the big launch because I know this type of strategy works.


So, I’ve put it in big, bold letters and a sign-up button that no one can really miss (you should sign up!):


The footer actually has links to the blog and to Twitter. I’ve de-emphasized these things for right now but will put them more prominently post-launch.

So far, the list is really small and much smaller than my previous launch with Desk which I feel is okay as I started collecting emails only recently and the development time has been really short; Desk was a much larger application than Teeny.

Consequently, I’m almost done with the app and I’ll begin working through the marketing page and the other pieces of collateral (like these app store screenshots) shortly.

I’m getting excited – the initial concept works really well and it does exactly what I had hoped it would do. Minimum viable product? For sure (and it’s definitely even larger than that).

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