New, Temporary Setup

A new, temporary setup for my work week:

I’m spending most of this week rebuilding many of my essential workflows (and I’m sharing most of this in YEN.CHAT):

This consists, at a very high-level, the following:

1. Restructuring my core calendar of activities
2. Reviewing any mis-aligned, sub-optimal meeting (times)
3. Isolating work into buckets, finding inefficiencies, removing bullshit.

And then, of course, the actual environment around me as I do my work. And that is the most stressful part right now: Reconfiguring everything for a somewhat “temporary” situation until we’re fully unpacked in the Hawaii location.

I’ve got a corner fo the master bedroom, for now, and a standing spot that isn’t terrible for my height — it would be unsuitable long-term.

Headphones can only do so much, tbh. And since i’m super-visual… visual distractions are the worst. But, this is going to work. It has and I can be flexible. Life is better when you’re flexible.