The Temptation to Start New Things


I can’t seem to help it but my brain entertains a completely brand new idea about two or three times a day. The problem is that most of them seem to be very doable and I believe that they could be very fun, profitable, and valuable for others.

Every single justification that my mind conjures up to give it any amount of steam is thrown at the new ideas until it seems completely foolish to not attempt or start the new idea and give it wings.

In the past I would actually execute on a few of these things a week and just see how they went. Over the years this has proven to be incredibly helpful and an incredible opportunity to learn a lot about a number of things, including business, product development, software, relationships, and more.

But it’s a pace that’s simply not sustainable and it appears that that particular season is over. I’ll miss it dearly but it’s time for me to plant my feet firmly in a few areas instead of spreading myself so thin, at the cost of my friends, family, and even my long-term hopes and dreams.

The problem is that I’m not entirely sure where my feet need for this next season. There are definitely a number of responsibilities that I have and will continue to work on them in earnest but there is a constant battle between my mind and my heart about the direction my feet want to travel. Planting them is a tough concept for me!

Ever struggle with something like this? Do you have the constant temptation to start new things? How do you deal with it or manage the temptation?

My gut says that it’ll never completely go away and I believe that to be a good thing but it needs a bit of re-configuration, if that makes sense. A little more hesitation perhaps.