New Twitter Stuff

I just noticed the new look for Twitter on the iPhone and apparently (sometimes) you get this new look on the web as well.

I’m not sure when they are beginning to roll it out universally but it’s a nice change to the boring look that’s been there for a long, long time. Apparently my friend @alliswell is sporting the new look:



Ah. Small incremental changes are a welcome sight after you get used to things for so long. Does the new look radically enhance one’s experience on Twitter? Not really. Does it make a difference? Sure it does.

The Super-SImple Twitter Widget Creator Thingamajiggy

Now here’s a nice improvement that makes sense – the new Twitter Widget Configurator!


Now that’s pretty nice.

I’ve put it on my sidebar and I think it may provide a little bit more direct engagement with my readers and those that might encounter the blog first time. I hope the title of the widget “Ask Me Anything!” will be intuitive and obvious, although nothing is guaranteed on the web.

It’s the small things that count.