The Value of a Newsletter

The other thing besides Twitter that I setup pretty early on in the process is a email newsletter.

Now, there’s a ton of literature surrounding the value of an email newsletter and there are two incredibly important things that I have learned over the years:

  1. Getting started early is critical and missing on out grabbing emails from people is a huge mistake (and not something you can fully recover from).
  2. It works. After launching my award-winning app, Desk, I leveraged my newsletter to the fullest and was able to gain incredible traction on Day #1 of the release. I have a pretty decent retrospective that’s worth reviewing as well as some top-level thoughts on how powerful a newsletter really is.

The bottom line is simply this: You should implement a email newsletter from the very beginning and plan on it being a significant part of your traction-building.

I choose MailChimp as my weapon of choice simply because it’s free to start and super-easy to deploy and use.

You can see via my simple landing page that I’ve already shared the link on the page and that I’m already capturing emails. I already have a few already:


Once you start building this up and then you experience the power first-hand… you’ll never go back.