Hey… My Newsletter Doesn’t Suck…

I started a new weekly newsletter called Build Better Software and the first one went out yesterday. I’m super-happy about it and I’ve gotten some really great feedback so far.

But, perhaps the most important is the fact that I feel like it’s something that could actually work and I generally feel like it doesn’t completely and absolutely suck.

You see, what I know for certain is that any new project, regardless of size, is 99% emotion (perhaps, in my case, 100% emotion) and seeing any stats that can give you a sense that you’re headed in the right direction is so important, especially in the beginning.

I wrote a few thoughts about the first newsletter that went out and you can read those here. Again, I’ve never really done an email newsletter like this and so I am generally anxious about how it all will be received.

But, I am certain that if it can be done well that it can be very useful and very helpful in the long-run; a bunch of people and businesses have proven that out.