A Newsletter About Building Better Software

TL;DR: Awesome weekly newsletter containing useful links and content that will help you build better software. Subscribe below:

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When I started putting together the email newsletter for this new project I went into auto-pilot mode without giving it very much original or new thought.

My intention was simple (and also unoriginal): Capture emails from interested people and parties that would like to virtually tag along with the process of putting the project together.


So, instead, what I’m going to do is transform the newsletter into a vehicle that drives more obvious and tangible value to those who subscribe instead of solely providing product updates.

This seems like a win-win-win (all-over the place win) for everyone since it allows me to share the great resources, tools, and perspectives that I’m obsessing over as I think about building better software and we can even build a much stronger community around it.

And, even if the project goes no where short or long-term, the newsletter can still provide value, which is also good for everyone.


I’m putting it together right now…!

What You Can Expect

As you might imagine, it’ll take a little bit (i.e. a lot) of effort to find the right rhythm and content focus but here are some top-level things that you can probably expect after you subscribe (which you’ve already done, right?).

The content areas that I’ll be sharing may include the following:

  1. Super-practical links to posts that will help software developers and engineers build better products. This may include, at times, some design-centric thinking which I think is important.
  2. URLs and links to content around technical leadership and managing technical teams (i.e. human capital). Building better software requires building better software teams.
  3. Inspiration and perhaps some light-hearted entertainment; we could all use this at times!
  4. Some personal thoughts and some light progress / product updates.

My plan is to deliver the weekly newsletter to your inbox Monday mornings so that you might have the entire week to read, review, and reflect on the content.

Ultimately, I want the majority of the newsletter to be useful for you and what you’re building right now, whether that’s software, teams of software developers, or the business that employs software engineers.

I hope you’ll subscribe!

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And, of course, please give me any and all feedback as you have it!