Nicole is Hardcore

Man, Nicole is hardcore.  Got a email today that reads…

aight, peoples – i added all the email addresses i got today at the class
to the tekstyles/metroflow, gt breakdancing club, email list.  just for
your guys’s information, the club was called metroflow and we recently
changed the name to tekstyles.  so anyways, welcome!  you survived the
class and are on your way to becoming full fledged bboys and bgirls, if you
decide to keep practicing.  and not to discourage you – but you really do
need to make the decision to practice, if this is something you really want
to do, because it wont happen for you if it is a half-hearted
commitment.  i know a lot of you go to tech, and do have a lot of homework
and studying, but so do i.  other than commitment, there are a few other
rules you guys should be aware of, im going to send them as an attachment,
but just to hit a few, dont bring other people to practice who havent taken
the class, because the class is like bboy/bgirl training camp, and you have
to survive before you can pass on to the next level.  another thing is, be
careful about teaching others and who you learn from.  that is one reason
that totem mentioned today, to ask him before you approach someone
else.  because not everyone does things with the right technique, and they
might not even know it.  a good rule of thumb is learn from people that you
would want to look like when you dance, be selective – dont just learn from
anyone because you think everyone is better than you.
anyways, you guys can read most of that stuff for yourselves on the
handout.  regarding practices – we practice twice during the week, tuesdays
at brittain rec at 9:30pm and thursdays at under the couch at 9:30 pm.  we
will still practice on sundays, though i doubt it will be in the student
center.  i will have to ask around about a place and keep yall posted.  the
other thing is the club is doing a performance on april 10th in the
campanile area from 11-2.  if you can come out and represent, that would be
awesome, yall dont have to dance, but i would really, really encourage
it.  you guys have definitely learned enough!  we also just did a
performance at under the couch this past friday and it went really well and
the club was really well recieved.  so the more we get our name out there
and advertise and represent the more open doors and opportunities will come
our way.  if you guys need directions to the spots, you can search the map
on the georgia tech website,, or you can contact me.  a few
of you have also talked to me about music, you can aim me for music files
at flybyenick.  i am not online very often, so you can also aim dang le, at
hmotion, and just tell him you took the class and would like some beats.
totem, malik, dang, anyone else – did i miss anything?
cant wait to see you guys at practice, it should be crowded this week!!!
bgiRl sHiFt
ps, for those of you who are going to be around this summer, a bunch of us
will too and we will be practicing :)

And an attachment that has some ‘rules of breakin’. or ’12 commandments of metroflow/tekstyle… or soemthing goofy like that… man, what is this…?

Twelve Commandments of METROFLOW

1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! (make time, it is the only way that you are going to improve)

2.  DON’T TRY/TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S SIGNATURE MOVES (aka biting, an activity completely shunned in the bboy/bgirl world)

3.  ASK PEOPLE FOR HELP/ADVICE/OPINIONS (don’t rely on videos or the internet, it is always nice to bounce your ideas of on someone for a new perspective)

4.  when avoidable, DON’T HURT YOURSELF (in other words, don’t do anything stupid and be careful with your body, an injury will cost you – this includes stretching, 10 or more stretches holding for 20-30 seconds)

5.  BE AWARE/CONSIDERATE (don’t walk in the way of someone while they are trying a move, and if you need a breather, don’t sit in the middle of the practice space or jabber to someone else while they are concentrating)

6. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS (it does no good, if they have more experience then you do or more natural talent, don’t worry about, go at your own pace and have the faith in yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to)

7. if you are a beginner, TAKE THE CLASS (it is the best and most thorough way to learn the basics, plus none of us wanna spend our practice time teaching)

8. GET IN THE CIRCLE (do it voluntarily, because sooner or later we will make you do it anywayz)

9. HAVE FUN/RELAX (everyone has their own unique style and enthusiasm is contagious, so enjoy what you do and let your inner bboy/bgirl shine through)

10.  BE CREATIVE (remember – in breakdancing, anything goes)

11.  REMEMBER TO BUILD A SENSE OF COMMUNITY (we would like to make practices as high quality and intimate as possible, in other words do not bring guests)

12.  and most importantly DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!! (it is called breakdancing for a reason – if you don’t have rhythm, rest assured you will find it)

man. what has this become…? 

Oh well… never was into it anyways.