Why I No Longer Use Categories for My Blog Posts

One of the most significant changes that occurred in my recent transition to this URL as my blog instead of my landing page happened in the backend and wasn’t obviously visual.

What was it? It’s the fact that I no longer use categories for my posts. None.

Technically-speaking, that’s not 100% true since I’m forced to choose at least one category when publishing so I am using one category but I don’t actually choose it manually in the publishing process since I’ve set it as my “default” category.

It’s one less button to click and it’s honestly quite nice to have one less decision to make (oh, and don’t forget, I don’t use tags either).

I have two categories, technically-speaking.

I have two categories, technically-speaking.

Shocked? You might be.

Technically-speaking, I have two categories, the first being “Start” and the other being “Omega” – the former is any post since the old TentBlogger brand was established, starting back in September of 2010. The latter is a previous brand called Human3rror – some of you (maybe a very few of you) will remember this previous brand.

When I hit the publish button today it sits in the “Start” category. And that’s about it. I don’t plan on adding a new category anytime soon and I’m not sure I ever will because if I did I would be tempted to re-categorize over 1,000 posts and ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Now, for to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind… Why are you not using any categories? I thought that was great for SEO, XXXXXX, YYYYY, and ZZZZZZ?!?

You’re right, by the way (on the last part) and I do coach and counsel bloggers to choose focused categories and limit the amount to about 6-8, if you can. I still believe that for 99.99% of bloggers that categories are both meaningful and helpful for search engine ranking, usability, and user experience.

But for where I sit today with this blog I honestly just don’t care enough about categorizing the content and the benefits that I might lose are trumped by the fact that I’m not fighting for keywords anymore (or ranking) – I’ve just been around for so long that I’ve got legacy with the search engines to start.

And most of my readers simply come in via my two marketing protocols: Twitter (@saddington) and RSS (Feedburner). I tweet every single post and I’ve got thousands of readers who consume it through their RSS Reader (I use Feedly, btw… what about you?).

Finally, I suppose I’ll just sum it by saying that I am part of that .01% who have been blogging for so long that my personal brand has been established in the eyes of search engine and my readers and I don’t need categories to enhance either one in super-strategic ways.

Oh, and perhaps I’m just lazy – when I get done drafting I just want to hit that “Publish” button more than anything in the world – I could care less about the categories at this point.