Freedom: 4 Months without Comments

It’s been almost 4 months since I’ve turned off comments on this blog and although the intent was to originally move some of those conversations to Twitter I quickly adjusted my implementation to neither encourage nor explicitly direct people to comment there.

Social sharing. Yey.

Social sharing. Yey.

I just removed them entirely and kept some of the social sharing links at the bottom. Boring, I know, but apparently that’s where I’m headed anyways.

And it has been entirely worth it.

You see, the net-gain has been amazing as quality of life has improved. Tactically I have saved myself a ton of time as I am no longer answering tons of comments every single day (at one point I was averaging about 30 a day), managing spam, and then other assorted pings.

In fact, the pingbacks / trackbacks were also something I turned off entirely because those would swamp me even more than just managing comments. If anyone would respond to one of my blog posts with their own post I would get a ping and then I would obsess over what they had said, regardless of whether it was good or bad, for hours if not days (and sometimes weeks). I would draft epic responses that would drain me physically and emotionally. I sometimes would post these responses and then immediately regret that I did.

This form of abuse (self-generated?) was never worth it and I can’t believe that I’ve been allowing it to happen for over a decade. And now, I’m free.

I have been lightly and heavily criticized for not having comments enabled on my blog and how I am less “social” and “engaging” and even “relevant” to the times. At one point these comments deeply stung and some of the barbs are still lodged deeply into hard-to-reach meaty places. But now I pity anyone with such an limited and shallow perspective.

I have made my decision and it has been a total blessing. I do not see any reason to ever go back.

For those interested, I used this very simple WordPress plugin, Disable Comments, to achieve this global disabling of comments and pingbacks / trackbacks.

Cheers to freedom and more headroom to spend time on shit that really matters.