5 Tips on Building a Successful Blog with No Experience

Jonathan Malm

This is a Guest Post by Jonathan Malm who writes and speaks about the creative process via his two blogs Faking Creativity and Church Stage Design Ideas.

My stage design blog gets about 8,000 page views every day; but it didn’t start out that way! I began less than two years ago with no blogging experience and very little stage design knowledge.

Imagine that! And yet since launching the blog it’s grown into an incredible fun (and profitable) space on the web. I’ve learned a few things from trial, error, and friends like TentBlogger.

But the success of the site is also based on a few things I happened to do right when I started the blog. Here are 5 things I did right and hopefully a few things that you can apply to your blog today:

A blog about Stage Design? Yup.

1. Find a Unique, Unexplored Niche

When I was redesigning my church’s stage, I found very little help on the web. So I decided to post my stage design on a personal blog and found people were sharing it around the web!

It was getting a lot of response because I found a unique, unexplored niche.

I decided to start blogging about church stage design, not knowing how large the niche was. There are tons of people in every niche on the Internet. You just need to find them.

Note: I believe anyone wanting to become an authority should be a niche blogger.

2. Research Publicly

The easiest topic to blog about is a topic you’re interested in learning about. Once you find that topic, start researching. Post up the result of your research as you get it.

Every time I ran across a resource I posted it on the site or tweeted it. Researching publicly gives you content and is really valuable for your readers.

The fact that I knew very little about stage design was an asset, not a hindrance! Because I knew nothing, I put my research into simple language that fellow newbies could grasp and learn from.

Jeff Goins calls this faking it until you make it.

An incredible and relatively un-tapped niche!

3. Don’t Wait to Start

I had one stage design under my belt when I began the blog. It would have been easy to feel inadequate to tackle a project like that.

But you’ll never feel qualified enough to write a blog about the topic you’re exploring. Once you’re good enough to write about it, you’re probably too busy doing it.

I frequently get stage designs/articles sent to me from geniuses in the stage design field. They’re too busy designing stages to blog about their knowledge. So I do it for them.

4. Find Your Audience

If you’re exploring a new niche with your blog, most of your potential audience won’t know to look for you. That’s why you need to go out and find them.

In my first year of blogging, I subscribed via RSS to a Twitter search for the terms “church stage” and “stage design.” I followed and engaged with every tweep that would fit into the niche my site was reaching.

Find your own Twitter searches at search.twitter.com. Twitter Search lets you specify tons of criteria which makes it easy to reach your potential audience.

5. Share Your Real Estate

Finally, I resourced other people. Rather than write all the content myself, I found people and blogs who were saying what I wanted to say and I asked if I could repost their article and gave them lots of link love.

I was surprised how willing people were to share their knowledge. Most people just want to get the word out. And if you’re helping them do that, you’ll find they become some of your biggest allies.

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