No Longer Classic

Last week Google announced a refreshed interface and experience for Gmail / Google Mail and I immediately booted it up on both the free service as well as my hosted solution(s) that I manage and operate.

Hosted Google Mail

And, after a little less than a week I can tell you that I’m liking it… a lot.

Free Gmail Account

Not only do I really like the new interface and design, I am really enjoying some of the more nuance-y changes and additions that they’ve made (you can get a full run-down here).

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been using this service for nearly 14 years and how they really haven’t changed their interface since the beginning. I instinctually was shy about booting up the newer view but it took less than 24-hours for me to acclimate myself to it.

The trim sidebars (with new sidebar widgets like calendar) are svelte and useful and things like “Suggested Replies” and “Snooze” options work just fine in a slightly-adjust workflow.

But the thing that captured my attention the most was how forgiving I am of their new experience because of how long I’ve been a user. I know that many other folks are infuriated by the changes but I think that’s pretty catty and disrespectful, especially if you’re a long-time user of the free service (and yes, it’s not entirely “free” but let’s put that aside for a moment…).

Not all things inevitably need a refresh but it’s okay if you do. Things change, just like people, and we should allow them to age gracefully and give them the chance to refresh themselves just as much we want opportunities to our own personal refreshes.

It’s no longer “classic” but, as far as I can tell, I’ll be a user for a little (a lot…?) while longer.