Not a Pivot

I shared a few candid thoughts on pivots and restarts in both of my newsletters today. You can read them here and here.

The best part of these two pieces of writing isn’t that I can write them but that I have pictures of those moments that remind visually me of those times and seasons of my life. It’s one thing to read about these stories and it’s entirely something different to see images and videos of these projects.

Because… honestly… sometimes I have a very hard time believing that I actually lived (through) these things. For instance, trying to restart a company in the middle of a pandemic is difficult to think through properly even right now!

But, that’s what I did last year. What a ride.

All of my projects have, at some point in time, pivoted. I just think that’s how it goes. But, you must pivot all 3 major elements: The people, the product, and the playbook. If you forget to do even one of those three you’re not going to make it.

A real pivot is a “burn the ships” type of event; anything less is not a pivot.