Not Rational

via QZ:

We humans don’t always make decisions by carefully weighing up the facts, but we often make better decisions as a result.

True. I mean, we see and experience this all the time, natch.


It’s well-established that data-based decisions doesn’t inoculate against irrationality or prejudice, but even if it was possible to create a perfectly rational decision-making system based on all past experience, this wouldn’t be a foolproof guide to the future.

That is for sure. As much as we’d like to think that we’re “data-driven” the reality is that most of our decisions, both big and small, are emotionally-bound.

And this:

And even when feelings defy reason, it can be a good idea to go along with the emotional rollercoaster. After all, the world can be an entirely terrible place and, from a strictly logical perspective, optimism is somewhat irrational. But it’s still useful.

LOL. I’m just overly-enjoying this article.

The same goes for courage. Courageous acts and leaps of faith are often attempts to overcome great and seemingly insurmountable challenges. (It wouldn’t take much courage if it were easy to do.) But while courage may be irrational or hubristic, we wouldn’t have many great entrepreneurs or works of art without those with a somewhat illogical faith in their own abilities.

Makes me immediately think of my brother who’s left his successful job to play video games full-time.

Playing video games full-time? WTF?! Yes.

Yeah, you heard that right. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and follow along his adventure which is either courageous or stupid.

Or perhaps it’s just not rational. Regardless, I’m a believer. And just watch (literally) – it’s going to work.