3 Keyword Types You Should Probably Avoid and Not Research

Maybe you like pennies...

We’ve spent some time on analyzing the keywords that you should research or how you can tell what some of the high value keywords that you should target are but sometimes it’s good to know what you shouldn’t aim for or research as well.

These aren’t catch-all strategies and things to note, however, since you could find yourself starting a new trend or a new pairing of keywords that have never really matched, but these will help you formulate at least some guidelines for you to stay on top of things.

So, here are three that might just be a complete waste of your time:

  1. Low CPC values – Again, not completely universal but you want to generally stay away from these. It might go without saying but some people are so darn stubborn!
  2. Loser Keywords – Meaning, you have no chance in heck to displace the leaders in these marketplaces. You know that you don’t have the time, attention, or passion to try to compete with these keywords – so abandon ship.
  3. Unknown Keywords – Although there are really no “unknown” keywords there are ones that have pretty much zero search volume. Unless you’re a genius and can manipulate those values to something significant then it’s probably better to stay away from them.

So there you go. You may be an outlier and are able to convert in these areas but if you’re just starting out you probably want to avoid them. Good luck!

[This is part of the Blogger’s Guide to Earning More with Google Adsense.]