Not That Different — 15

This post is part of Project: Inception, written ~8 years ago. It has been untouched from its original, pseudonymous, form. It is also part of the larger “farewell” tour and countdown as I turn-off this blog and head to the metaverse where I will live out the rest of my wonderful days. I hope to see you there!

Not That Different

The point of all of this writing is that I feel like the gap between the aspie and neurotypical is far too pronounced. In some ways we are fundamentally different but in most cases we simply have accentuated, refined, or more focused behavioral patterns than the neurotypicals.

In other words, the NT may be able to watch 2 to 3 movies back-to-back-to-back with 1-2 bathroom breaks. How different is it really that an aspie can watch the entire Star Wars saga (Episodes 1-6) without eating (or forgetting to eat) and also just take 1-2 bathroom breaks?

The point is that there’s an opportunity for all of us to learn from each other. Whether you’re a NT creative or aspie creative doesn’t really matter. In some ways, we are more alike regardless of an official medical diagnosis. For some concentrating on the differences gives them a “cause” to focus on. I am in a different camp altogether. Although I too am firmly an aspie I want to concentrate on the commonalities that we share. You see, we are all creative, bound by flesh and blood and time and space.

We all seek to do something much bigger with our lives than just eat, sleep, and shit. We want to matter, we want to count, we want to do and be something incredible and leave a lasting imprint on humanity and the world, even if it’s only for ourselves (which ends up impacting many others anyway).

This is a different kind of creative piece of writing, this blog, that is; it is one that encourages the aspie to rejoice in their uniqueness and challenges the NT to maximize their own strengths and talents to the utmost. It’s for those artists that stay up late at night worrying that their art will be accepted, appreciated, and understood. It’s for the software engineer who labors tirelessly without sleeping to finalize one line of code that could create millions of dollars of revenue and value for countless organizations. It’s for the journalist and writer who slave over the smallest semi-colon because the art of breathing life into dead wood matters acutely in terms of how one reads (and pauses) over black ink.

And it’s for the entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, high school graduate and college dropout who see the world just a little differently. If you’re an aspie that difference might be qualitatively and quantitatively massive, but different it is all the same for the NT.

This writing is for anyone who dared to dream and who continue to buck against the trend, the status-quo, the normal and the acceptable. It’s for those starting a business and for those that have failed in one. It’s for the aspie and NT who have been fired from their job because they can’t seem to “get along” with others or “play by the rules” or because, perhaps, they aren’t the right “cultural fit.”

This writing is for you. It’s a new reality. Technology, tools, advanced learning and science are all readily available for all of us to enjoy. You don’t have to live life half-ass. You can live it fully. Find the patterns and paradigms within the thinking and perspective of an aspie and you may remember how distinctly unique you are too.

We are made for more than just existence – we were made for great and wonderful purpose. Aspies don’t have it more tough than an NT, we just struggle with different challenges. It’s time to be the creative person we were meant to be, love it, live it, express it, and just kick ass.