Not That Guy (Dad)

This guy gets it:

He gets it not only as a parent… but also this is a commentary on where the industry is headed around video. This is why he’s got a growing YouTube channel and is dabbling in other video-centric platforms and tech.

This is partly why I’m doing a YouTube channel too… so I can understand the medium better and connect with what my two kids are doing, day-in and day-out.

Especially since we’re hackschooling our way for the oldest (at least for now), she’s doing more and more video as part of her daily and weekly activities. To hear her say, randomly…

Hey dad… I’m going to make a short film… going to work on the trailer first to get people interested!

… is pretty freaking cool. To be part of her life in that way and to encourage her to explore these technologies natively is something that I can’t leave on the table.

The story that I’d like my kids to say about me much later down the line is that their dad was open and willing to walk into their worlds for a time, see from their vantage point, and participate. That would feel pretty good.