Not Too Much to Ask

A fascinating article on how folks are practicing their religion here in Silicon Valley:

“The tomb steals the light from even the brightest lights of this world,” Burns preaches. “Yeah, we can heal, we can cryofreeze, we can fill the world with material prosperity and pop songs and pretend it’s not real, but we cannot, we cannot stop death.”

And yet, just a few miles away in every direction, Silicon Valley companies are attempting to do just that.

A long-time friend of mine sent me the article a few hours after I had read it… apparently it’s making the circles.

I think he sent me that email as a way of encouraging me – it had the exact opposite effect. Instead I became bitter. Silicon Valley has beaten me up in every single way imaginable as a person, let alone a Christ follower.

The last thing I want to do (or be) is just another person doing things because that’s what I was doing before I landed here. And even farther down the priority list is being seen or understood as a “model” for what all of that means – I have enough pressure already, thank you very much.

In many ways, I just want to be left alone and instead focus the little time and attention that I have on loving my family well and doing my part to build a working business.

That’s not that much to ask, right?

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