Thinking Mobile: Notes App

Since I’ve been waiting on the Mac App Store to officially accept the first market-ready version I’ve had a few moments of product development and engineering reprieve and it’s given me some time to think through some of the other things that have been occupying my mind as it relates to Desk.

Namely, the ecosystem that I hope to create around the application. This term is used in the very broadest of senses, by the way, and includes anything from community engagement (online & offline) as well as web and mobile components.

Something I’ve mentioned historically (and briefly) is the possibility of a mobile complement that would allow authors and writers to capture thoughts on their mobile device and have those sync up automatically with one’s drafts.

Consequently, like most of my projects, I like to take a look at what is currently out there and especially applications that are included natively with the operating system. I do this because these applications generally represent the ideal implementation of such customer experiences and engagements and are also the most familiar for the end-user.

The Notes app that comes with iOS 8 is one such app. Here are a few screenshots that I captured on my iPhone 6+:

I think the larger screens that have now been released in the iPhone 6 lineup will be a boon for writers and I’m excited about the possibilities. Will I have time to develop one out? Ah, now that’s the real question…