#Notes, by 8BIT: The Best Way to Capture Your Brilliant Blog Ideas


One of the best parts of my job is the fact that I get to experiment wildly with a lot of different things – to think that this is part of  my actual role and responsibility in my startup is really, really cool.

And since myself and my team is passionate about online publishing we’re constantly on the lookout for better systems, better methods, and better strategies for getting the brilliant thoughts that we and our customers have and into the digital medium called your blog.

One of the biggest challenges that I have had as a publisher and blogger is making sure that the brilliant ideas that I have are able to be captured and then transferred effectively to a place where I can fully flesh out that brilliant idea into an article and blog post.

Here’s a very old concept and sketch of the challenge as I saw it:


As you can see, we all start with a “spark of genius” and then follow a path towards getting it onto our blog and into the hands of our loyal readers.

The challenge is that we often can lose that brilliant idea unless we immediately do something with it – either we jump straight to our blog and bang it out, we capture on our device or an application that’ll hold the idea hostage until it can be fully fleshed out, or we use a notebook or something analogue.

But I’ve never been completely satisfied with any of the current solutions. Unfortunately for me the best blog ideas that I have typically strike me when I’m not in front of my notebook computer – I’m either traveling or in transit, in the shower, or eating something delicious!

Also, I’ve had plenty of times where my iDevice (or some other technological gadget) was available but wasn’t sufficient of capturing that great idea. I’d feel tempted to write the entire post on my iPhone and that just doesn’t work with me. Or, for goodness sake, my iPhone would be out of power or I simply wouldn’t have access to it. Drat.

Finally, I love physical notebooks but the challenge has always been the fact that my notebooks are a catch-all for everything that I’m thinking and doing, including blog posts, product concepts, wireframes, random thoughts, doodles… you name it.

There simply wasn’t a dedicated piece of technology or solution for just my blog posts and online publishing needs.

As a result, #Notes was born. You can read more about the official launch thoughts here as well.


What I’m so excited about is how simple and effective they are at capturing my blog post ideas and how it’s a dedicated “technology” that helps me focus my efforts even more. I like how it’s not dependent on a power source and how it easily fits in my pocket and travels with me wherever I go.


As a result, the combination of simplicity, availability, and effectiveness of #Notes is nearly impossible to beat. It’s already become part of my global publishing workflow and I’m not sure I can ever go back.

One additional value that I discovered by accident is the fact that it’s a brilliant addition to social gatherings and networking – I used the left side to pocket business cards and it was a lifesaver for those that forgot their cards but wanted to give me their information.


I simply handed them #Notes and voila. Done and done.

For me, blogging is vital part of not just my business but my life – I’ve been publishing online for over a decade and it is, quite simply, me. I live and breathe online publishing.

To have this low-tech capturing device for my blog post ideas is a lifesaver and even if no one ever used it besides me I’d still use it because I can’t tell you how many ideas have been lost because I wasn’t able to capture them effectively. I hate that!

Every blog post is worth it – I encourage you to check out #Notes, but in the very least, make sure your capturing system and solution is working for you strongly!

And, if you do end up using these please send me your stories and pictures! I’d love to see #Notes all over the world!

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