Nothing to Something

The difficulty of creating a business from nothing is overwhelmingly small; didn’t think that was coming, right? I mean, think about it: Since you don’t have much to begin with you don’t have to risk much as a natural consequence. The challenge comes when you decide that you actually want to do something more than nothing.

Sadly, most businesses never grow beyond doing nothing and stay in the shadows of great intention and ideal mixed with a bit of clueless ideation and dreams.

Some of these will be called entrepreneurs, only in name though, simply because they have that “spirit” about them – an unfettered mix of lunacy and caffeine. Unfortunately they won’t be called entrepreneurs because they actually did anything with it.

Most of us would shudder at the thought of these hopes and dreams ending up besides our bed in a waste basket like a bad hangover but it’s sadly true. Most of us risk little, gain little, and yet at the same time expect the world to come buy our products, resell our services, and expand our brand.

I never understood any of that. What did make sense was hard work, sweat, and a hell of a lot of luck. Oh, and that the internet was a pretty fucking great place to earn a living.

The moment you realize that you have something of worth is the moment you lose the nothing of nothingness – that’s an elegant way of saying that you’ve got something worth a flip. And that’s a good thing.

Do you have something like that? Something worth talking about? I want to believe that I do and that the work that I have before me means a helluva lot. Sadly, for many, they will never know because they are too busy caring too much about their nothings and not about their incredible somethings.

Let’s beget something more than nothing – but not too much so that we lose the ability to actually do anything.

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