Nothing Without Our Community

September has been a busy, but celebratory month for us at YEN and we couldn’t be happier. We upgraded our platform last week, we are officially larger than Tokelau, and our first ever Global Community Meetup is taking place this Saturday.

And although we love building this platform, we are not building it for us, we are building it for our community! Besides, they all have been doing some amazing things recently — they deserve to be recognized!

Much love.

We want to personally thank CryptoKenzie, CryptoMykel, Doq, Gundy, Nemisist, Sherpa24, SombreoMan, and Yin. These folks will all be hosting their own local meetups this weekend, and our Global Community Meetup would not be the same without you.

But they are not doing this just because we asked them. They are doing this in order to grow their own communities and expand their reach. To learn and collaborate with others on current and future endeavors.

CryptoKenzie has his own YouTube channel that he is trying to grow. CryptoMykel and Nemisist both have online stores they are trying to market (here and here).

And SombreoMan… well… SombreoMan is just trying to teach more people about Bitcoin in the most fun way possible. 

There are plenty of ways you can leverage YEN to benefit you as well, while also giving back to the community. Looking to be featured on the Decentralized TV livestream?

Then you should probably join the DCTV Prospects Community Group

Want to learn to code? Then I recommend joining the Road to Code Community Group. YEN has it all. From trading tips to beekeeping. Don’t see anything you like? Then start your own!

We at YEN are here to support you every step of the way because we are not successful if our community is not successful. Again, a huge thank you to all the #Yenizens in the #Yeniverse.

We could not be more excited about the future. If this is your first time stumbling on this blog… then feel free to join the party here

PS: I also want to thank Ellipal and DogeLord Apparel for donating a few wallets and shirts to the hosts of our Global Community Meetup!