Success! Now, We Wait…


Ah, there are very few words to be spoken. Relief? Yes, just a bit.


But now we wait.


To say that I’m exhausted wouldn’t really even describe the feeling as I sit here and attempt to reflect on today’s journey (just today’s journey, not the entire epic marathon up until this moment).

I am tired, but thankful. Let’s hope the Apple gods approve the app sooner rather than later – the next few days (or weeks) might be difficult as we wait for their go-ahead.

In the meantime you can start preparing for our marketing blitz (are you part of the Launch Team?!) and just be… well, awesome; just so super-cool.

Unlike me who didn’t structure my folders right (had an extra “space” in them) and I forgot to capitalize two of the “i”‘s in my iTunes icons… which caused me serious angst.


Le sigh. What a day… what a day.