o S i R i X z

Man, I’ve been wanting to drop one of these for the last couple hours…

Today, had my psych test, first one of the semester. Wasn’t as easy as I had hoped for, but, hey, whatever… i had stayed up til about 4 studying for it, but, thats because I had come back late from men’s accountability meeting, which was very much just a fellowship time more than accountability… oh well. We went to some pizza place… starts with a ‘v’ i think, but, i can’t remember. But, i got a large brocolli and cheese calzone and felt like throwing it up after. oh well. But, it was chill. just talked about ‘Lord of the Rings’ a lot, and, that was about it. After that, I went over to Emory with Teaha and Brian to go get some stuff from Miso. I said hi to a bunch of folks. Went into Rala’s room and her, sarah, binna, and esther were all there. man, could a room be more filled with biblical women…? dang, i was in the presence of some very attractive young women. that was neat. too bad su wasn’t there… haha. but, i felt like i was barging in on some ‘girl time’, so, i apologized and left. i have to talk to binna about friday. I’m not sure if I should take her out. Seems like she has too much on her mind. oh well. i don’t wanna complicate things. seriously, i don’t wanna do anything that will distract her, and, Lord, I hope that I’m not a distraction in her life. That wouldn’t be too good.


but, yeah, i said hi to them, mary, janet, peyton, thomas, young, and some others. Emory people are so much cooler for some strange reason… here’ s my plug for emory. goto emory, not tech. emory has nicer people… sort of. haha… nevermind, that doesn’t make sense. i have no pride for tech, and not much love for emory either… just the people boiday… haha. so, anyways, headed back, of course, and then went to the library, as stated above, talked with brandi for a bit… seems like patrick randomly called her up the other day, and, strangely enough, she didn’t have her phone, her friend was borrowing it at that time. seems to me that things are just making it apparent that she shouldn’t be talking to him, at least not now. We’ll see… I just told her to be careful and not to talk to him unless she really prays about it to You, Lord. Tell her and give her wisdom on what to do about him. She will rely on You, I’m sure. I asked her to stay open for next friday as well, just in case binna can’t go. as long as i have someone for that other ticket… so, that was that… for the late night part…


Before men’s accountability, i went to Campus Crusade for Christ! and man, that, was so good. I’ll admit that i was nervous in the beginning, cause I didn’t know anyone, but, guess who decides to show up…? Toddy B. TIGHT! and then, Jen Cho and her friend Monica, who was in the miss asian atlanta beauty pageant and won miss photogenic, came, and that was cool too. Seeing jen gives me mixed feelings sometimes. I get a cold edge from her, i don’t know why. every single time. man, that sucks. she didn’t make it to the prayer meeting either, and man, i really thought i could count on her to be one of the solid women that would come every week… oh well Lord. She’s got other things to do. I shouldn’t be concerned with it I suppose. But, man, i sat next to her and she was singing to You Lord, and man, that made my heart light up with joy. I love to hear others sing Your praises, cause, their voices are so much better than mine, but, hey, I try, ne…? But, of course, the experience was not to be forgotten, at ccc that is. man, good praise, and good speaker = good experience = I love the Lord even more. that’s the way it is. A guy named Josh Irby spoke, I think that is his last name, and he talked about repentance. man, they even had these like, work sheets with an outline of his topic so i could write down stuff on it. that was tight. so, he discussed repentance, and I still have the sheet, but, he went on to describe the 3 steps. 1, call it a sin and admit to it and agree with God about it. 2, call it forgiven, from God, and be thankful for it. 3, call to our God for change, without change, there is no repentance. he used 1st John, 1:5-9, which was really good. as i was listening i really started thinking about my sexual immorality that i had done in the past and was really feeling quite broken about it. have i really asked for forgiveness from Him? have i come to You Lord about it…? fully? I’m not sure I have. I will, maybe this weekend, but, Lord, it is gonna break me Lord. It is gonna break me. And I’m scared. I don’t wanna, but, I have to. I don’t wanna live in the shadows. I wanna be in Your light. God, I have to do it, but, I don’t want to. man, this sucks. Okok. I’ll get to it. I will come to You broken Lord, and, man, I guess that’s the only way You want me to come to You. God, this is gonna stink. But, yeah, those thoughts were going thru my head and man, I came to terms with them. I’m gonna have to meditate on 1st John when i get to it… dang… Josh also mentioned Romans 6, about sinning knowing that we are forgiven. Very good argument, remember this! man, that was good stuff. So, I really had a great time at CCC, and I’m gonna definitely go back. It is so invaluable, why would I miss this kinda of stuff for anything? after it was done i got to talking with some of th staff and mentioned that I was interested in the summer mission trips and all. taht was good. just hearing this one woman talk about going to sarajevo and what not, china and all over to do missions, man, that just made me so excited about going and doing Your work Lord. She pointed me to crusadeatlanta.org to get in contact with some people. Tight, I’m gonna email them when I get done here… so, the whole CCC was really good. I think that I’m gonna try to attend CCC every week, and maybe ACF when I have time. so, yesterday was fairly pleasant… but, also…

earlier in the day I had written this statement, but, never got to post it up here… here is what i wrote… this was probably around… 4 or so in the afternoon thursday, the 30th…

Well, just got back from working out, taking a shower, and eating fruiti pebbles plain while downing milk straight from the jug… nice, ne?

Working out today was different, Teddy and I used the dip machine to the max. Ouchie, my abdominals…

Man, the prayer meeting today was awesome, as usual. Only 7 people showed up, a little short in comparison to last week, but, it was all good. I got to hear about how everyone was doing, and what God has been speaking to them about. Andrew was studying Romans and the life of Jesus, and how we must give as much concentration as we do on His death as we do on His life. This is simply because Jesus lived a sinless, perfect life! A lot of people just concentrate on His sacrifice and His death, but, His life has so much to be learned from. That was cool. Su and Enoch were both meditating on obedience. Just doing what the Lord wants them to do, not what they need to do. Enoch was looking over Ephesians while Su was doing 1/2nd Samuel and Kings. Tight. As Su spoke I just kept looking at her… Man, she becomes more attractive every day. Is that possible? Sheesh. Esther talked about gossip and relationships a bit. That was kinda neat. I had spoke to her earlier in the week about gossip and what not and relationships a little. I’m glad to see that she is trying to really focus on that part of her life. It is so important. I can see Esther becoming a really strong woman of You, Lord, that would be so awesome. Man, I can really see that happening. That just excites me so. Tim came in a little late, but, I was glad to see him. He just was talking about a relationship with another person and how that was being a challenge in his life, but, with the help of the Lord and ‘inspiring’ people, he was coming around. Man, I’m so excited to see Tim as well. He’s really trying to focus on You, and I’m sure You know more than I do, but, I just see excitement and passion in his eyes for You. That is so neat. Teddy was the only person not really to speak about anything. Man, I see that guy all over the place and I work out with him, and yet, he doesn’t really have a QT. Man, what have I been doing? I should have been orienting him a while back. Gotta help him out. I told him the importance of it, but, he’ll be the one to come around to it. Help me Lord with him, I can’t do it myself. But, that was about everone. I was so happy and joyful to see each and everyone of them that I was just sitting there smiling, and, you know, I wanted to be serious, but I couldn’t help just…. smiling so much, I wanted to burst or something. I dunno, it was so good. I spoke last, and just spoke about Proverbs 4:10. I had spoken about this with Su that one long night a couple days ago, but, I hadn’t really meditated much on it, if I can remember. But, I spoke on that. Man, that passage is so good. If I ever become a minister, I’m gonna spend an entire sermon on those three verses. Man, so tight.

Listen, my son, accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many. I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble.

Man, this was exactly what You have been speaking to me Lord. This last week was so good. So many things that You have shown me. You’ve blessed me with a smoothe week, with not that many bumps. Heck, I took a Japanese test monday and got a 91 on it. Man, You have just blessed me this week. And, yet, I was only walking on Your path. I have been comfortable just walking. I need to run! You have promised that I will not stumble, what in the world is stopping me? I dunno. I guess I’ve been complacent. Lord, this last week was very much a personal week. You have just spoken to me on a very individual level and have been silent in respect to larger things that You would have me share. Lord, thank You for that personal attention. I love it. This was a very different week, but, something that I have grown in. Tight. I spoke on this briefly and then had Teddy close the meeting.

I got people to do prayer partners again, and also, put it out there that I would love to have someone lead the prayer meeting next week. I would love to hear someone else just speak about something that has really been working in them from You. So, we’ll see if that goes out well… In fact, I’ll write the email right now…

Gonna goto Campus Crusade for Christ tonight by myself it seems. I forgot that Su was going to UGA tonight and tomorrow to check it out. Doh, but, I’m excited for her, I think that she will have an awesome time with Su… hehe. Men’s accountability after that, and then studying for psych test. Word. Gotta get going. Peace Lord.

Oh, also, petakun gave me some awesome material on ‘Compromise.’ Here’s what he wrote… or, here is our conversation…

jleekun (2:34:11 PM): dude

Auto response from o S i R i X z (2:34:11 PM): nice day! 8-)

jleekun (2:34:12 PM): !
jleekun (2:34:17 PM): send me that compromise material!
jleekun (2:34:18 PM): dude.
jleekun (2:34:21 PM): i wanna go over that.
jleekun (2:34:21 PM): son!
o S i R i X z (2:34:24 PM): oh crap
o S i R i X z (2:34:25 PM): ok
o S i R i X z (2:34:30 PM): u wanna go over it now?
o S i R i X z (2:34:36 PM): i can put it all down here on the IM
o S i R i X z (2:34:38 PM): you can past it
o S i R i X z (2:34:40 PM): paste
jleekun (2:35:50 PM): ok.
jleekun (2:35:54 PM): don’t have a hard copy?
jleekun (2:35:58 PM): or like, a word doc.
o S i R i X z (2:36:26 PM): no
o S i R i X z (2:36:28 PM): its all worksheet
o S i R i X z (2:36:31 PM): i could ask her
o S i R i X z (2:36:37 PM): but then you woulnd hav ethe answers
o S i R i X z (2:36:42 PM): want me to type the mout?
jleekun (2:38:06 PM): yeah
jleekun (2:38:07 PM): sure.
jleekun (2:38:09 PM): if you woulnd’t mind.
o S i R i X z (2:38:30 PM): aight
o S i R i X z (2:38:32 PM): here we go:
o S i R i X z (2:38:52 PM): In lesson number 3 we went over Daniel 1:8-21
o S i R i X z (2:39:30 PM): “we focus on MINISTRY, and God focuses on the MINISTER”
o S i R i X z (2:39:51 PM): We gain 4 things if we do not compromise our Life
o S i R i X z (2:40:12 PM): 1. A RESOLUTION of an Uncompromising Life (Daniel 1:8) :
o S i R i X z (2:40:28 PM): Main point: do not compromise your life and violate Gods law
o S i R i X z (2:41:01 PM): Isaiah 40:8 and Matthew 24:35 also talk about this that : Gods words are law and forever. It is the one thing we can count on.
o S i R i X z (2:41:07 PM): Examples of compromise:
o S i R i X z (2:41:15 PM): Adam comp GODS LAW and lost paradise
o S i R i X z (2:41:35 PM): Esau comp God for A MEAL, and lost his birthright
o S i R i X z (2:42:03 PM): Aaron comp his CONVICTION OF IDOLS and lost the promised land
o S i R i X z (2:42:25 PM): Samson comp his CHARACTER with DElaila and lost his strength, then eyes, then life.
o S i R i X z (2:42:47 PM): David comp his LUST and lost his child
o S i R i X z (2:43:02 PM): Solomon cop his CONVICTIONS for christ and lost the United Kingdom
o S i R i X z (2:43:12 PM): Ahab cop JEZEBEL and lost the throne
o S i R i X z (2:43:52 PM): Ananias and Sapphira comp THEIR WORD ABOUT GIVING and lost their lives
o S i R i X z (2:44:07 PM): Judas compromised his SUPPOSED LOVE FOR CHRIST and lost his eternal soul
o S i R i X z (2:44:28 PM): So basically “COMPROMISE” = LOSS
o S i R i X z (2:44:32 PM): you can’t have one withouth the other
o S i R i X z (2:44:55 PM): The world today and todays society tells us that we can compromise to “GET AHEAD” but this is totaly wrong!
o S i R i X z (2:45:02 PM): the second thing we gain is:
o S i R i X z (2:45:09 PM): 2: REFUGE
o S i R i X z (2:45:11 PM): :
o S i R i X z (2:45:27 PM): (Daniel 1:9-10)
o S i R i X z (2:45:37 PM): God takes care of you when you give yourself to him
o S i R i X z (2:46:27 PM): First 2 words of verse 9 is “NOW GOD” … yes. this is true. NOW GOD does everything. NOW GOD controls all. NOW GOD HAS ALL POWER. NOW God. thats how life should be like in daniels. NOW GOD
o S i R i X z (2:46:52 PM): Just like Proverbs 16:7 “When a mans ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him
o S i R i X z (2:47:13 PM): the third thing you gain from an uncompromising life is:
o S i R i X z (2:47:21 PM): RESULTS (Daniel 1:11-14)
o S i R i X z (2:47:50 PM): the main points of this are you gaing Courage: Daniel stood up to NEbuchadnezzar, even in the face of death
o S i R i X z (2:48:19 PM): Conviction: Daniel sets his standards for the Lord. And made them the highest standards ever! 1-0:2
o S i R i X z (2:48:39 PM): Courtesy: Daniel purposed to not to defile himself
o S i R i X z (2:48:59 PM): and when you know you are in Gods hands you can be calm in all matters, whether it be arguements or anything! you have the PEACE OF THE LORD! just like daniel
o S i R i X z (2:49:01 PM): and lastly
o S i R i X z (2:49:03 PM): you gain
o S i R i X z (2:49:26 PM): Consistancy: Dainiel (1:21) remained Godly no matter wat
o S i R i X z (2:49:45 PM): Daniel lived a godly life (SINLESS!!!!!) for approx 70-80 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
o S i R i X z (2:49:51 PM): the passage that tells us that is 6:4-5
o S i R i X z (2:50:22 PM): and the last thing that an uncompromising life gives is
o S i R i X z (2:50:25 PM): REWARDS:
o S i R i X z (2:50:35 PM): (Daniel 1:15-21)
o S i R i X z (2:51:31 PM): You get special IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE
you get special INTELLIGENCE – GOds skills to daniel
you get special INSIGHT – understanding Gods will in your life
you get special INFLUENCE – over people of God. for good purposes
o S i R i X z (2:51:34 PM): so basically
o S i R i X z (2:52:03 PM): an uncompromising life give you
o S i R i X z (2:52:13 PM): RESOLUTION
o S i R i X z (2:52:41 PM): and we get all tha from just danjiel 1:8-21!!!!!
o S i R i X z (2:52:42 PM): amazing
o S i R i X z (2:52:45 PM): thats it woaday
o S i R i X z (2:53:11 PM): werd?
o S i R i X z (2:53:22 PM): thats the best stuff man. this guy we listenin too give us sooo much information!
o S i R i X z (2:53:33 PM): mad …. we taking it all apart. learn mad tons
jleekun (2:54:10 PM): nice thnaks
jleekun (2:54:22 PM): tight.

I really need to go over that in more depth. Maybe later tonight.



see, i never got to post it. but, that was earlier in the day, so, that was neat.

So, yeah, that was all my stuff for yesterday, and partly today. thursday was a full blown day, man, but its so much fun.

right now, I’vve got about 2 hours till my next class. i have to pick up a package and i hope that its my eggos, but, i think its just mammy’s package… doh. i also have to work on ACF website as well today, and have something for eric by tomorrow morning… that is my goal, and i can do it… definitely.

oh, another thing, i went into japanese today, and, i got there mad early cause i wanted to go over my notes for the psych test, and i saw this mechanical pencil just lying there next to my desk… you know what the first thing i thought about was…? I thought: “someone at the test will need a pencil, i had better take it and give it to that person.”… seriously, that is the first thign i thought. and, so i put it in my bag… now, get this, i goto my psych test and i get there and im about to sit down, but i don’t, cause i have to use the potty, and so i go do my business. i come back, and the teacher is handing out the tests and i sit down and 10 seconds later, this guy behind me asks the guy next to him if he has a pencil. i say without thinking, ‘yeah, i have one,’, and i give it to him and tell him he can keep it….

THAT IS SO TIGHT! i felt like i had the gift of prophesy… i swear, that was so cool. i know that i don’t ,but, man, that was so.. wierd?!? God, that was so cool. I wish I had that kind of foresite in everything, man, that would be so cool. so, i did this guy a favor, but, i was more impressed with how, well, just htings worked out. that was neat, thanks for that Lord…

tom’s b-day was yesterday. happy 15 bro! hope you like the gongee…

and, now, Im’ not sure what I wanna write anymore… i guess I’ll just drop this thing like a bad habit and get on with the rest of my day, although, i don’t have anything to do for the next 2 hours….


oh well, i’ll drop something on later tongith i suppose….

one more class and a psych experiment and then im home freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.