This level of obsession with the details is nearly expected from Apple. It’s an obsession that requires taste, wealth, expertise and an extensive supply chain, a combination unique to Apple.

via Arun

Apple’s product design is nothing short of iconic – you know it’s an Apple product the moment you see it.

And, you can definitely tell when other companies have been clearly “inspired” by their products as well, if they haven’t shamelessly outright stolen their inspiration (Steve Jobs doesn’t care).

Even though I (and most of my readers) do not need (or even necessarily want) yet-another credit / debit card… I can’t help but believe that Apple’s version of an old technology looks incredible enticing. I may even be obsessed with Apple’s products.

But the thing that I meditate on the most is how Steve and the rest of the long-standing leadership team navigated their company and their culture to the very spot where they are today.

What decisions did they make, intentionally or by accident, that ultimately led to this obsessive behavior around product design?

It’s so clearly baked into everything that they do – it permeates everywhere. Obsession is their culture. It’s what they are known for.

If there is an obsession that I have it is this: How can I put together the pieces of an enduring company, one that’ll stand as long (if not longer) than a company like Apple, Inc.?

I think the answer is as simple as I have posed it: Be obsessed.

Ironically, there are few folks that I know that are as obsessed about what they are doing as they should (probably?) be. It’s far too easily to be distracted today and the temptation to go wide (instead of deep) is cheaper and more cost-effective for most.

But this is also why most companies never become an enduring one.